Monday, January 26, 2009

Morning Foolywang: Kanye West says we should now address him as “Martin Louis The King, Jr.”

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

“I know I’ve been called the Louis Vuitton Don, I know, I’ve been called a lot of names, uh mostly The Don, the Louis Vuitton Don — due to what happened — when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name, to, Martin Louis The King, Jr. Address me as such. And until then, I will be in the building, swagger on a hundred thousand trillion.”

“Overwhelming — I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer my entire life,” West said to the Los Angeles Times after seeing his kicks on the runway. “And to see my stuff in the Vuitton show was something else. It was a dream come true. And the way those guys were styled — they were dressed better than me!”


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Anonymous said...

the sweet side is slowly emerging!! i knew it! lol