Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Music 360: T-Pain Gets Some Heat For Turning Gospel Song Into 'Alcoholic Anthem' - Listener Discretion Advised!

If this isn't proof that Hip-Hop is out of control, I don't know what is!

T-Pain cut a song called "Silver and Gold" which leaked to the Internet a few months back. He sings about the effects of blending clear and colored Patrón tequila together for consumption. "You'll be hanging, swanging, drinking two types of Patrón," he sings. "I done mixed up silver and gold/ I done mixed up silver and gold/ I'mma tryin' to get drunk before this party/ Somebody's gonna have to carry me home/ I done drank the silver and gold." A direct rip-off of the gospel version which goes: "Silver and gold/ Silver and gold/ I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold/ No fame or fortune/ Nor riches untold/ I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold." T-Pain says:

"It was never supposed to be on my album," Pain said Tuesday in the MTV News office, wearing a purple top hat and matching shirt. "The record, it got leaked, then me and Kirk Franklin had to talk. He was doing most of the talking. He was saying it wasn't no disrespect. He was saying he knows how songs get leaked. He had it happen to him before. He said he wasn't a saint, and it wasn't like he never did nothing wrong. It's not like [Kirk] said I did something wrong. He said if I was gonna go with it, just change the melody. 'You can still say silver and gold.' He's got a lot of people saying stuff to him: 'How could you let T-Pain destroy a gospel song like that? How could let him talk about alcohol?' I wasn't even doing it for a mixtape or nothing. I was literally drinking and made a song. I was bored in the studio. There was nothing else to do. I made it into an alcoholic anthem, which wasn't good."

Pain said that the first day "Silver and Gold" was leaked, 400,000 people had downloaded it. By then, it was too late. It even caused him some dilemmas.
Pain and his record company sent out cease-and-desist orders to put "Silver and Gold" on permanent pause, but its popularity was even greater than Pain's official first single, "Can't Believe It," during its initial launch.

Too Late. The damage is done. Any person hearing the original will undoubtedly recall this new version. I can see some young folks in church smirking and making eye contact with others, as they conjure up memories of the remix as the original is rendered at church. I have officially dropped this song from my choir's playlist and that is a shame. Kirk should have taken a stand. This is what happens when you don't. Your anointing will be lost!!!

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