Thursday, March 19, 2009

BOARD GAME PROMOTING SAME-SEX MARRIAGE HITS MARKET: Online version of popular board game includes homosexual option as way of life???

An online version of a popular board game includes an option for players to choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing as a way of life.

The game is on the website where even children can download and play a free trail of The Game of Life. The first “Game of Life” was created by Mr. Milton Bradley in 1860.

The players’ first option in the online version is to choose a persona based on pictures that clearly depict men and women. Shortly thereafter, the game invites players to choose a spouse, regardless of the potential spouse’s sex.

One concerned mother wrote to WorldNetDaily about her experience with downloading the game to play with her daughter.

“You know how kids are,” the mother told WorldNetDaily. “My daughter noticed right away (even before I did) and clicked on one of the girls instead of one of the men and then asked, ‘Mom, how come I can marry a woman?’ and then that led into a lot more questions that, quite frankly, I was not ready to talk to my 6-year-old about.” followed the mother’s example and played a game as “Jennifer,” who chose to marry another woman. The course of the game eventually added four children to WorldNetDaily’s lesbian couple.

The mother claims to have posted an objection on the game’s review board, only to have it removed by an administrator.

“I went back to the website and left a very respectful review of the game just stating that this kind of thing should be left out of kids’ games and the administrator removed my post, stating it was inappropriate,” the mother said. “I had no idea how insidious they were being with pushing the homosexual agenda.”

The site again followed the mother’s example, posting the following comment under the screen name “Newseditor1.”

“Your guidelines ask us to ‘keep your language safe for kids,’ yet here’s a game where children may choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing.” WorldNetDaily wrote. “Many sections of society accept this as normative, but many also would consider this too mature a theme for children. Others would consider this downright offensive. Is it appropriate to include, for example, lesbianism in this game?”

Shortly thereafter, WorldNetDaily’s comment was posted, but the word “homosexual” was altered to *****sexual,” presumably because the stand-alone prefix “homo” is sometimes used in a derogatory fashion.

WorldNetDaily sought comment from Hasbro, the company that now owns the rights to Milton Bradley games, but received no response.

The original 1860 Milton Bradley game, known as the Checkered Game of Life, was completely redesigned in 1960 bearing almost no resemblance to the original. The new game board included the winding track, spinner and plastic buildings familiar to many. (Source:

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Anders Branderud said...

According to Torah (Devarim 13:1-6) one is not allowed to remove mitzwot (translaction according to etymology: “directives” or “military style orders”) or add mitzwot to Torah. According to Malakhi 3:6 the Creator does not change.

One of the mitzwot of Torah is not to engage in homosexuality. Other mitzwot are not to eat shell fish and not to eat pork.

This is also what Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth taught.
We can now this because a logical analysis (found in ( is the website of the only legitimate Netzarim-group)) (including the logical implications of the research by Ben-Gurion Univ. Prof. of Linguistics Elisha Qimron of Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT) of all extant source documents of “the gospel of Matthew” and archeology proves that the historical Ribi Yehosuha ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth and his talmidim (apprentice-students), called the Netzarim, taught and lived Torah all of their lives; and that Netzarim and Christianity were always antithetical.

This implies that the historical Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh is not the same as the Christian Jzus.
Learn how to follow the historical Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh in

The game is improper since it promotes an anti-Torah-agenda; i.e. anti the instructions of the Creator of this universe.

Anders Branderud