Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sign O The Times: America's Next Top Model Is Finally Broke!

For all you ANTM fans, Tyra has decided to cast the first "transgendered" model to compete for the title. Isis was born a man, but now is.... well, you know the story.


Anonymous said...

wow, well it's not THAT surprising from Tyra since she's around so many highlt effeminate gay males, but this is definitely unhealthy for the young girls who watch the show. This is definitely a sign of the times!

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't they just create a male ANTM? I guess folks will do whatever they can for great ratings. I heard this isn't Tranny's first time on top model. She was around during the homeless special.

Anonymous said...

We are being desensitized... Sodom & gomorrah here they come.