Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today's Word: Doing Right For The Wrong Reasons

Take the QUIZ!

Every day, we have several chances to choose between right and wrong. We all know to try to do the right thing. But what motivates you to choose right? Are you trying to do it to impress others? Hoping to get something in return? Or really trying to live out your faith? Take this quiz to see if your good choices come from the right place in your heart.

1. It's been a long day and you're way too tired to do devos. You:
A. Feel guilty. Your youth pastor asked everyone to try extra-hard to have devotions over the next month. So you start to pray, but fall asleep long before "Amen."

B. Set your alarm 15 minutes early—you'll be able to concentrate on God once you get a little sleep.

C. Chug a Red Bull, and get your Bible out. You don't want to have to say you missed a day.

2. Calling all volunteers! The local homeless shelter needs help serving dinner. What do you do?
A. Go. You want to be a good example for your friends in youth group.

B. Pray about it, then sign up. You're not sure how God will use you, but you're sure he will.

C. Sign up. You need some community service projects to list on your college applications.

3. When the offering plate is passed, you:
A. Get nervous—you feel like everyone is watching to see what you give.

B. Put in 10 percent of your paycheck and allowance.

C. Give, but hope your parents notice so they'll give you a bigger allowance.

4. You volunteer to pray at youth group because:
A. If you say all the right things, your youth pastor will be really impressed.

B. You like talking to God.

C. No one else does.

5. Everyone at youth group is signing cards, pledging to wait until marriage to have sex. You sign on the dotted line because:
A. You don't want to look bad.

B. You think it will be really cool to know you're committed to this together.

C. Maybe your parents will be more open to letting you date.

6. Your little sister and her friends need a ride to junior high youth group … again. You've got the keys, so you:
A. Take them, because you know your parents will be annoyed with you if you don't.

B. Tell them to fasten their seatbelts. Hey, you remember what it was like before you could drive.

C. Are irritated, but in the end you take them. Whatever.

7. Habitat for Humanity needs help painting a house. You sign up because:
A. All of your friends did, and you don't want to be left out.

B. You love painting—and meeting the homeowners you're helping.

C. It'll be fun to hang out with some of your friends, and there'll be free pizza when you're done.

8. Your best friends would say you:
A. Always do whatever other people want you to do.

B. Aren't perfect, but have a very big heart.

C. Always try to look good.

9. You've given up swearing because:
A. You want people to know you're a really good Christian. And good Christians don't cuss.

B. You know the things that come out of your mouth matter to God.

C. Your mom takes away your cell phone for a day every time she hears you cuss.

10. You just downloaded a song with an awesome beat and pretty bad lyrics. You delete it because:
A. You'd be embarrassed if anyone knew you listened to it.

B. You really want to fill your mind with things that honor God.

C. If your dad catches you listening to it, he'll take your iPod.

11. Your class is doing a clothing drive. You give because:
A. Everyone else is.

B. You know you can really help people in need.

C. You hope your mom will buy you some new clothes if you give away some of your older stuff.

12. It's dinner time and your mom is sick, your dad's out of town, and your little brother is starving. You:
A. Microwave some leftovers for your brother only after he bugs you for the ninth time.

B. Look around in the freezer for something you and your brother can make together.

C. Take your brother to the nearest fast food joint—but you keep the receipt so your mom can pay you back.

13. Your neighbors ask you to watch their poodle while they're away for the weekend. You say yes because:
A. You like dogs, and it will be fun.

B. You can get to know them better and maybe even share your faith.

C. You're low on cash, and you hope they'll pay you.

Mostly A's: People can totally count on you, and you try your best to never let anyone down. It's good that you always try to do the right thing. But many of your decisions are based on pleasing your friends or family. So the next time someone asks you for a favor or to pray about something, try not to worry about impressing them. And try doing some good deeds secretly. This will help you focus on pleasing God instead of people.

Mostly B's: It's not always easy, but you do a pretty good job of living out your faith. You're faced with a ton of tough choices every day, and you're the type of person who thinks about God before you make a decision. While you care about other people, your first priority is pleasing God. And even though you're not perfect, you try to do the right thing—from the right place in your heart. It's likely your friends and family see you as a real person with real, everyday faith.

Mostly C's: On the outside, you seem to make a lot of good choices. It's not unusual for you to do volunteer work, to pray, or even read your Bible. While people can see you're doing all the right things, you're often just going through the motions. The next time you have a decision to make—like whether or not you'll sign up to do some volunteer work—try not to think about what you'll get out of it. Instead, ask God to help you to be motivated by a desire to please him, and to help you to connect your good works with a right spirit. You might be surprised at the spiritual growth you experience when you do.

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